Professional Memberships

VICTORIAPARTNERS constantly seeks to promote the European real estate capital markets industry with respect to improving its transparency, liquidity and efficiency. At the same time, we feel committed to promote and contribute to the financial and economic development of the European region. In this context, VICTORIAPARTNERS is member of the following renowned associations and institutions:

Logo der EPRA

The European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA)

The European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) was founded in 1999 and is a non-profit association representing Europe’s publicly listed property companies. The EPRA’s objective is to foster trust for and encourage greater investment in listed real estate in Europe, therefore the EPRA strives to establish best practices in accounting, reporting and corporate governance, to provide high-quality information to investors and to create a framework for debate and decision-making on the issues that determine the future of the sector. The association encourages the adoption of an industry-wide set of financial reporting KPIs, and Gold, Silver & Bronze Best Practices Reporting accreditations are issued to companies based on the analysis of accounts by an auditor.

Beginning of 2023, c. 280 listed property companies are members of EPRA representing more than €790bn worth of real estate assets which influence the efficiency and quality of the European built environment. Along with the FTSE group and the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT) the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Index series has been established, which is the global indices platform from which to benchmark the performance of stock exchange-quoted property companies and real estate investment trusts.

VICTORIAPARTNERS has been a member of EPRA since 2014 and actively participates in the Regulatory and Taxation Committee.

Logo des Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland

Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland

The Economic Council (Wirtschaftsrat der CDU e.V.) is a German non-profit association representing the interest of more than 12,000 enterprises. It provides a platform to its members to engage in a continuous dialogue with leading decision makers in Germany and Europe across politics, institutions and companies. It was founded in 1963 and is associated with the CDU.

The Economic Council advocates economic policies which best reflect the principles of a social market economy as envisaged by Ludwig Erhard. The Economic Council represents the interests of business towards politics, administration and the public. It is solely financed through the contributions of its members.

In 2015, VICTORIAPARTNERS joined the Economic Council and actively participates in the Federal Commission for Construction, Property and Smart Cities (Bundesfachkommission Bau, Immobilien und Smart Cities).

Logo der INREV

The Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles (INREV)

Founded in 2003, the Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles (INREV) represents a leading platform for the sharing and dissemination of knowledge on the non-listed real estate industry.

Striving for the build-up of a competitive and sustainable asset class in Europe for institutional investors, the main goal of INREV is to improve the accessibility of non-listed real estate vehicles for institutional investors by promoting greater transparency, accessibility, professionalism and standards of knowledge of best practice.

Institutional investors and advisors are primarily benefiting from INREV’s platform. Input to the platform is provided by market participants such as fund managers, fund of fund managers and advisors. The platform provides among others information via indexes such as the Global Investor Index and the German Vehicles Index since 2016.

The members of INREV, more than 450 in total, come from different businesses such as fund management, advisory, institutional investments, fund of funds management, academic/research as well as investment banking.

Based on its status as advisor, VICTORIAPARTNERS has been a member of INREV since 2017.