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Liste der Equity Research Veröffentlichungen und Events

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3. Sep. 2018TLG Immobilien AG: Quo Vadis following change in management?89
20. Apr. 2018alstriaOffice REIT-AG: Drop in 2018E rental income, though limited valuation impact66
7. Dez. 2017Thematic research: Value creation from (larger) acquisitions138
16. Juni 2017Vonovia SE: conwert consolidation accretive, but Austria not convincing99
2. Mai 2017TLG Immobilien AG: Strong Berlin fundamentals driving TLG’s group cash flow73
29. März 2017European Logistics and Light Industrials Roundtable Event, LondonN/A
16. Dez. 2016BUWOG AG: Increased transparency revealing further upside to the share price234
23. Sep. 2016ADO Properties S.A.: Berlin residential specialist entering into a more mature stage142
21. Juli 2016Thematic research: Brexit, available household income and rent regulation43
3. Juni 2016HAMBORNER REIT AG: Low-risk business model delivering steady performance88
20. Apr. 2016VIB Vermögen AG: Property platform with outstanding cash flow profile98
22. Dez. 2015Thematic research: German residential operational excellence88
4. Aug. 2015Merger report: alstria Office REIT – Deutsche Office72
3. Juli 2015TLG Immobilien AG: Re-valuation potential from highly predictable cash generation94
26. Nov. 2014German real estate: Preference for ‘true’ cash generating companies170
26. Nov. 2014German office companies: Stable, but unexciting104
26. Nov. 2014German residential companies: Worth a second look173
Quartals­weiseMaintenance publications: German quarterly real estate sector updateca. 40

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TLG Immobilien AG

3. Sep. 2018
TLG Immobilien AG

alstriaOffice REIT-AG

20. April 2018
alstriaOffice REIT-AG

Thematic Research

7. Dezember 2017
Thematic Research

thumbnail of VP_Vonovia_conwert-consolidation-report_Summary_16062017

16. Juni 2017
Vonovia SE

thumbnail of VP_TLG_Berlin-Office-Market-Report_02052017

2. Mai 2017
TLG Immobilien AG

thumbnail of VP_BUWOG_Initiation-Report_16122016 1

16. Dez. 2016

thumbnail of VP_ADO-Properties_Initiation Report_23092016-1

23. Sept. 2016
ADO Properties S.A.

thumbnail of VP_German-Real-Estate-Update_21 July 2016-1

21. Juli 2016
Thematic research

thumbnail of VP Equity Research_HAMBORNER_Initiation Report_03JUN2016

3. Juni 2016

thumbnail of VP Equity-Research_VIB_Initiation Report_22APR2016

20. Apr. 2016
VIB Vermögen AG

thumbnail of VP Equity Research_Residential-Operational-Excellence-Report_22DEC2015

22. Dez. 2015
Thematic research

thumbnail of Alstria-company-report_final_04082015

4. Aug. 2015
Merger report

thumbnail of VP_TLG_Initiation_Report_07072015

3. Juli 2015
TLG Immobilien AG

thumbnail of VICTORIAPARTNERS-German-Real-Estate-Research-extract-long-version

26. Nov. 2014
German Real Estate

thumbnail of VICTORIAPARTNERS-Initiation-Report-Part-III-Office

26. Nov. 2014
German office companies

thumbnail of VICTORIAPARTNERS-Initiation-Report-Part-II-Residential

26. Nov. 2014
German residential companies