The 3C Paradigm Content, Context and Connectivity

The philosophy of VICTORIAPARTNERS is based on five principles which constitute the DNA of our franchise – and which are set to prevail irrespective of short-term developments and market cyclicality:

1. Partnership

Founded as a partnership of senior professionals, the set-up of VICTORIAPARTNERS endorses entrepreneurial spirit and personal accountability. We believe that attracting, developing and retaining the best talent across all levels of seniority is the primary source of continued success. Our policy to promote senior professionals to co-owners of the firm has been designed to serve this purpose.

2. Independence

VICTORIAPARTNERS is 100% owned by its partners and operates independently of any affiliations or strategic co-operations with third parties. It is our conviction that this level of independence is the key to avoid any conflicts that may compromise the interests of our clients. Our independent set-up forms the basis to do what our clients expect most from VICTORIAPARTNERS: providing competent, objective as well as unbiased analysis and advice.

3. Focus

VICTORIAPARTNERS is solely dedicated to service demanding institutional clients which are active in the public and private real estate markets. The unparalleled wealth of specialized sector competence and network contributed by our senior professionals enables us to provide our clients with what we call the “3C paradigm”: Content, Context, Connectivity.

4. Integrated client solutions

No generic pitches. No product push. No indifferent cross selling approaches to clients. Based on our unparalleled range of sector expertise and experience, VICTORIAPARTNERS is determined to provide tailored solutions to our clients. Our business divisions, Advisory and Equity Research, have been geared towards generating output that helps thriving our clients’ businesses. Enthusiasm, passion, permanent quest for innovation and relentless client commitment build the foundation of delivering our services.

5. Highest standards

VICTORIAPARTNERS, its partners and employees are committed to conduct business at highest standards. This shall apply to any professional, regulatory and ethical aspects of our business activities. Continuity, reliability and integrity drive our business decisions with the overarching principle to create and strengthen long-term relationships with and benefits for our clients.